An Introduction to Tuck Lee

Tuck Lee’s winning strategy over five decades is made possible though progressive improvements and our credibility. We’ve been trusted by generations of Singaporeans for the delivery of Premium Ice and our unparalleled services.

In present times, we maintain a strong and professional management team who is dedicated to excel in the new economy. This team is able and willing to take on new challenges put forth by clients.

Today, our clients know that our services go beyond ice manufacturing. Tuck Lee is called upon often to help in ice-related brand-enhancement exercises. We are also renowned for our storage and distribution services for temperature-sensitive items.

There have been improvements in our products and services and even a successful brand enhancement program. However, one thing remains constant… our never-ending quest to provide customers the best possible ice-related services in Singapore. Tuck Lee remains to be THE ice company in Singapore and we look forward to the future where we will continue to develop new and better ice-related products and services for you.