Ice Delivery by the Leading Ice Experts

Ice Delivery in Singapore is synonymous with Tuck Lee Ice®, Singapore’s leading ice manufacturer for food-grade ice, ice concepts and designs. We provide the highest quality food-grade ice and also create ice installations, ice sculptures, ice bars, ice logos, ice luges and more for launches, premieres, promotions, communications and corporate events.


Our team of Ice sculptors and consultants push the limit of what is possible. We’ve work our highest expectations for our product to stay in highest quality in terms of sculptures and ice products for the tropical weather.

Maximum Impact

Our products, including ice delivery, provides maximum crystal clearness in food-grade ice and even in our block ice. We make them into works of art which provides maximum impact in events, corporate functions, parties and more

Customer Satisfaction with Ice Delivery

We’ve been leading the way for the ice industry for a half a century now. We thrive on providing creative and innovative solutions to clients’ out-of-the box ideas and managing complex logistics.

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