I was searching for Ice Delivery Singapore and really looking for a reliable ice supplier in Singapore who will deliver ice in Singapore, and the ONLY website or company that could do it for me was, icedelivery.com.sg – a website that tells you of an ice supplier that could do ice delivery in singapore!

Who would ever forget the time when we are having a  BBQ party for friends and relatives – and in part of the planning process requires an ice company in Singapore that delivers ice in Singapore ( Ice Delivery Singapore simply does it better than the rest! ) .  I found ice factories and ice manufacturers – that are located in some ulu part of Singapore – but many will not deliver ice just because you ordered small quantities from them (a few bags of ice perhaps). Well now I know who to contact or who to recommend to my friend when somebody is looking for ice delivery in Singapore!

Who delivers ice in Singapore? – Ice Delivery Singapore

So who delivers ice in Singapore? If I want to be a pizza and have it delivered, there are dozens to websites and phone numbers to call. Even Macdonalds and KFC has food delivery service. I found Ice Delivery Singapore to be an ice supplier that delivers good quality ice to me that’s of a reasonable cost and with some level of speed – quality of service for ice delivery in Singapore – just contact Ice Delivery Singapore today !

Lets face it – if given a choice, who wants to buy lug 10kg worth of ice from the local NTUC, 7-11 or similar provision shops; at the end of the day we just want ice delivered to his doorstep for a BBQ so that he doesn’t have to worry about it. Right? So what do we do then? We call Ice Delivery Singapore and get them to deliver the ice we need!

When you are looking towards buying ice in Singapore for your party – always remember this name Ice Delivery Singapore!  They also have an online store that sells beverages (beer!) and ..wait for it.. ice and other ice related products as well !

Why choose Ice Delivery Singapore? – Ice Delivery by the Leading Ice Experts

The ice supplier saga is coming to a conclusion. Ice Delivery in Singapore is synonymous with Tuck Lee Ice®, Singapore’s leading ice manufacturer for food-grade ice, ice concepts and designs. We provide the highest quality food-grade ice and also create ice installations, ice sculptures, ice bars, ice logos, ice luges and more for launches, premieres, promotions, communications and corporate events.

Tuck Lee Ice Work (1957) Pte. Ltd. is an organization established in Singapore in 1957. For over 45 years, the name Tuck Lee has become synonymous with ice in Singapore. From humble beginnings, the Tuck Lee brand has grown and developed to become a very well known and respected brand. Tuck Lee Ice has developed an enviable brand and is without a doubt one of Singapore’s home- ICE success stories. It has become a key player and leading ice company in the industry. In the Asia Pacific, Tuck Lee Ice stands out as one of the region’s best-known ice brands, commanding immense respect in the area of ice manufacturing. Ice Delivery Singapore forms an important part of our customer experience – the ability to buy ice online or through the phone or call-in and getting ice delivered to your doorstep! Ice Delivery Singapore : The answer to backaches; the customer no longer need to carry the heavy ice and end up with having a sprain back the next day!

Tuck Lee’s winning strategy (now being Ice Delivery Singapore) over five decades is made possible though progressive improvements and our credibility. We’ve been trusted by generations of Singaporeans for the delivery of Premium Ice and our unparalleled services. In present times, we maintain a strong and professional management team who is dedicated to excel in the new economy. This team is able and willing to take on new challenges put forth by clients.

Tuck Lee’s never-ending quest to provide customers the best possible ice-related services in Singapore leads to the formation of Ice Delivery Singapore website. Tuck Lee remains to be THE ice company in Singapore and we look forward to the future where we will continue to develop new and better ice-related products and services for you. So when you want to buy ice in Singapore – think ICE DELIVERY SINGAPORE!